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Auto generated subtitles

How to download SRT and TXT subtitle files from YouTube videos?

Want to track your favorite YouTube videos or get free subtitles? One way is to extract the automatic transcription from YouTube and obtain subtitles or transcription files from it.

But not all methods are equal. Here is how to manually or automatically download SRT or TXT files from YouTube videos.

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Auto generated subtitles

How to translate YouTube videos into foreign languages?

YouTube is full of original works that make everyday users happy. However, although the platform can generate subtitles in multiple languages, more foreign users seem to be unable to access the content.

When you are a video creator, you may find it interesting to know how to properly translate YouTube videos in order to share with various cultures and communities.

Since this job requires professional skills, here is how to perform high-quality subtitle translation on YouTube.

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Auto generated subtitles

How to add automatic subtitles to Instagram videos?

Instagram is currently a very popular video social platform, and it is also the stage for many video creators, so how to add professional and accurate subtitles to your own videos while saving your phone bills and time on subtitle production is an urgent problem.

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